Sunday, March 18, 2007

chubby cat

for sigrun, because i love your cats. :-)


Hillside Garden said...

Oh my, a painting for me!! Thank you thousend times, thats so wonderful!
It is Toddler, our younger cat. She is looking just similar to Einstein, but it is a girl and she is norty all the day! They are not related and both are from different farmes.

Sigrun :-))

Henny said...

Such a beautiful, beautiful picture!!!
I love it!!

Birgit said...

Hello, Sigrun sends my to your blog to see the picture of the Toddler! The picture ist very beautiful, looks like the original. I like your other paints, too. I will come back to your blog to see all the new paints in the future.
Best regards, Birgit

Coloribus said...

Beautiful drawing :)

Alina Chau said...

soo cute!! Lovely precious expression on the kitty!!

Naturegirl said...

I have been away for a month and look here what you have been sketching! Oh my have you done so much! Good job..well done!!
I LOVE the cat image!! You are so skilled!Segrun is so lucky to have you sketch her cat! I must come again when I have more time and really study all your wonderful work! Come on by and see my rose bud!
hugs NG

Luna said...

Oh this is a wonderful painting !!! You are very talented .I also like your other paintings. I will come again.
Sigrun send me to see the picture of Toddler.
Have a nice day :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely drawing of Sigruns little Toddler. She's a cute little thing, isn't she? You've captured her very well.

BTW if you love cats, come over some time and see mine, if you like. :-)

BTW I like your Janet a lot, very cute and happy little girl, isn't she? I notice that in a lot of your work there's a kitty to be found. ;-)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Is she trying to get some warmth from the candle, or is she just living life in her own speed :-)

rhani said...

Chubby cat.. my favorite kind of cat. Usually they are male and have funny big head. And have survival ability.. Liat aja tuh, ekspresinya yg cool.. spt bilang.."everything's gonna be fine.." :)

Btw, 300 itu gw gak tau settingnya taun berapa. Tapi yg jelas ceritanya itu dibumbui. Soalnya banyak makhluk2 khayalan macam orc gitu deh.. Tapi bagus, El.. Must see it! (maksa :D)