Friday, August 25, 2006

learning styles

i decided to learn various different styles, in attempt to find mine.. (if there is any...). besides, i think this is fun..!
the first project is to copy this 15th century drawing (top). the source is a book entitled "Illustrierte Geschichte der Weltliteratur" which meaning is left for those who understand German (i don't). i don't know to whom i shall give the credit of the painting for. so, i post the original as well.
i draw this with pen and then watercolored.


ida abidin said...

salam kenal yach...bingung nih gak ada identitas jelas hehe..

~Gina said...

Hi Enigma,
This is a very, very good rendering. I like it very much!

Salix Tree said...

It's always fun to try other people's style.
But you do have a sweet lovely style of your own, it's magical! I'll be back to see more of your work!

mjc said...

Sometimes I stay for hours searching for illuminated manuscripts in the internet (and in books) . It´s very important to me also to have contact with other styles of representation

the enigma said...

yes, this is one of my first steps in the attempt to fulfil my dream. ha-ha. good luck, me.

bill zeman said...

this is a great idea - I would like to try it too. it looks like the original might be a woodcut, but you've done very well with the pen and ink

the enigma said...

yes! lets try a new style every week, that'll be fun!

mjc said...

check on my blog my attempt in the japanese style.
It is fun to change the composition and some details.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Enigma,

I don't know if you found out yet what its title ment but it's:
The Illustrated History of World Literature.

Love your blog btw. :-)