Friday, January 05, 2007


not a very succesful attempt in picturing furry animals. and i kind of messed up with the background too. it's supposed to be daytime, but it turned out really ugly that i had to cover it completely with dark color. . XP


rhani said...

Looks fine to me, El.. :) Bulu serigalanya bagus. Especially lighting di pangkal ekornya.
Btw, itu tanda tangan lo ya, yg di pojok kiri atas? Huruf kanji beneran? hehehe..

Iya niy, abis libur taun baru, masuk2 deadline. Yayy.. ^_^'

the enigma said...

itu huruf kanji yg artinya serigala rhan ('ookami' dlm bhs jepang) itu juga dapet tau dari google, sok-sok mau bergaya hiasan dinding ceritanya.. :D
gak tau ni akhir2 ini suka nyelip2in huruf aneh2 ke dlm gambar..lucu aja keliatannya. ^_^

Michael J. Patrick said...

You're being unduly hard on yourself. The fur is very effective. I the delicateness of the brush strokes and the fine form of the wolf.

imwithsully said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I would love to have in my collection. If you ever make a print, e-mail me. :)

the enigma said...

thanks everyone!

thanks imwithsully: do you think i should start selling? :-p