Wednesday, February 07, 2007

weird tag

OK, i've been tagged by emila to list six weird things about me. so here it goes.
1. i tend to 'read' pictures than the writings. that's why up until now i never knew what the 'swiss family robinson' is all about, because i'm too busy to examine the images. the colors, the lines, especially how they made the illustration. this applies to every book that contains a lot of images.
2. i tend to listen to the song's melody than pay attention to the lyric. so when people asked me how's my opinion about one particular song's lyric, i usually went "what? really? they said that??"
3. i put aside foods i don't like on the edge of my plate. this is my habit when i was young and it still continues, apparently. my aunt once even asked me,"what, you still do THAT now that you've grown up?"
4. i never change my hair style over the last 10 years. yeah, that's very sad. it's because my hair is the type that goes into chaos when exposed by the wind. so as to keep it safe, i always left the house with pony tail.
5. i hate worms. if i see one, i have to make my way around the disgusting creature at least 3 meters away, if possible.
6. i can't eat hamburger with mayonnaise. i will throw up. :D that's why i never went to mcdonald's.

there, am i weird enough? i bet. i keep the weirdest stuff for myself, so you would still think me as a normal person. heheh. i didn't choose the name 'enigma' for no reason, you know.... because, you see, weird is my middle name. hehehehehhhhehehehehhh.
anyone can continue this tag if interested!


emila said...'re so weird but I like all your weirdnesses! Thanks for playing the tag game, Enigma! You're one cool person!

BTW, I love the cute girl sitting on the couch!

Hillside Garden said...

I also can't eat Hamburger with Mayonaise!

Grrr, Sigrun

Naturegirl said...

Your #3 I do the same with raisins in food no no can't eat those!Worms well they are friends to the I can grow those pretty flowers that you love to paint! I have framed the copy you sent me and I look at it every day!hugs

Kathy Weller said...

you are TOO funny!

Hmm. the hair thing i totally get. Hair stylists can be scary. I 'quit' going last year because they kept cutting my hair too short, darn it. I was trying to grow it out. So I rebelled and quit going. Now it is much much longer but also messy and not styled. Oh the conundrum.

I hear you on keeping the weirdest stuff to yourself. I unfortunately did not take that advice myself and now everyone knows about my kooky exercise DVD collection... Oh well! ;)

"humming "I gotta be me...",