Tuesday, July 17, 2007

thinking of them

I’m very flattered to accept the Thinking Blogger award from the talented RandomYork, because he’s one of my favourite illustrators in IF...! i love his beautiful and charming fairy watercolor works . As hard as this tag is, since there’s too many great artists whose blogs makes me think, i have to narrow it into 5. Here they are:

Alina Chau. Well, who doesn’t know her? She’s probably been tagged too by many others, but i have to put her here, because it’s exactly one year ago that i have the courage to start coloring my works, after i saw her wonderful blog which filled with amazing ink-and-watercolor sketches.

Issi. Her chicken drawings are always pleasing to see: clever, funny, blended with lovely watercolors. What else could be better than that?

Lu***. Her watercolor works are beautiful, funny and original. Sometimes they’re realistic, sometimes funny, but they're all great.

Gina. Her realistic watercolor works are amaazingly beautiful. She’s one of many artists that makes me think, ‘why can’t i paint like her?’ she’s very humble too, i get to learn a few tricks in watercolor from her!

Agnes. I found her blog just recently but immediately fell in love with her works. They’re very original, whimsical, creative and beautiful.

If you get tagged, and you want to pass it on, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think and display the award on your blog.


~Gina said...

Oh Enigma, thank you so much! I'm incredibly touched.

Random York said...

Your Awrd Tag looks great! I like the people you have passed it on to!

Sharm said...


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Alina Chau said...


Thank you very much for your compliment. :)