Sunday, November 25, 2007

five more things

i was tagged by the talented Alicia Padron to list five random things (embarrassing things?) about myself. goes.
1. sometimes i like to use my watercolor brush to hold my hair.
2. i'm pretty squeamish.
3. i once wrote a fan mail to a football player and got replied (he sent his picture with his signature on it....! :-p)
4. i'm more a tea drinker than a coffee drinker.
5. my future kids will be named after football players' .... no, i'm joking. :)


Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Enigma! Thanks for sharing this... I love the fact that you use your paintbrush like that!!!
It's so cool and cute :o) What a lovely illo!! No wonder you took your time ;o) Love the line work, specially the hair.
How great that you got a picture from your favorite footbal player! There is still nice people out there..

Thanks for sharing this.. I love to get to know more about people this way :o)

Kim Larsen said...

Hello -

I would like to invite you to join in on a little portrait-drawing-fun ... please drop by here:

The site is just starting out, but it's looking promising already, I think!

Kim Larsen

eugenia gina said...

la, penggemar persib yhaaaa? ayo ngaku, jangan2 punya foto2nya anggota persib nih! 8D..!!

enigma said...

wahahahahaaaa...persib..gubrag. ngefans sama persib mah ga usah surat2an segala, samperin aja langsung ke stadion siliwangi!! :D

eugenia gina said...

ahahahaha! buset berbunga2 dong pas dapet potonya sikangmas itu, btw. baek amat yah la.. blink2..!

Monica said...

I'm pretty squeamish too! :-)
That's a lovely drawing of your back. Alicia is right, the line work is so natural and loose, and it's clear you have lovely hair.

Thanks for you comment on my blog. BTW, the painting is 11 x 7.5 in, that's the size of the paper. I guess the painting itself is a bit smaller.

Alina Chau said...

Love your five things, very charming posting!! And beautiful paintings as always!

Forever Young said...

hi enigma, i've just drawn you for udgang99's site, but can't seem to post in your name, so i've put it into 'see whati've drawn'....forgive me, i'm still practising. like your work, am going to add you to my favourite's list on my blog.