Sunday, September 30, 2007

the eight facts

ok gina i'm going to do the tag here and not on my multiply.... and here the eight facts.
1. i'm an extrasensitive person. i can sense other people's emotion, what's or what's not going on in the air, what's implied from someone's sentences, just from the smallest gesture. or so i think...
2. i don't keep many memories. i tend to forgot things. or maybe i just being careless.. :p
3. you can say i'm a bit cheap but i don't like giving away money to street 'musicians' who don't deserves it. well, the word 'musicians' here is somewhat overrated, because, here, those people are just street people who trade their voices for money, which most of the times, are not melodious.
4. i like to observe things visually.
5. i'm analytical.
6. i pay too much attention on details. feels like i always have to get full explanation for everything.
7. i like chocolates and meat dumplings. and fried rice.
8. i like to read in the bathroom too... :D
i'm not going to tag anyone, though, gina... yeah, i'm a bad player...hehehee


eugenia gina said...

aaah cheating! ^_^ I just wish I've got your courage to break this tag rules, emang bikin mabok mikirin siapa lagi yg mau di tag, laen kali ngikutin jejak Ella ah hwehewhhewhe!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Your illustration is really sweet! And it was fun to learn about you. Chocolate and meat dumplings? Why ruin good chocolate???

enigma said...

scott: i don't eat chocolates and meat dumplings all at once...! what i mean is in separate ways. i'm still normal, you know? :)

Issi said...

Hello Ella :o))
I like your watercolors, are wonderful :o))
It's very good idea for our mail art :o)) Here is my invitation:
or maybe, you have some one thems?
keep in touch
Issi :o))

Issi said...

super :o)))
I will wait for your envelope :o)) I will send you mail art :o))

Tim Bye said...

Great work!

Issi said...

Hi Ella :o))
Thank you for comment,
Best Wishes,
see you soon
Issi :o)

Pury said...

hahaha, dunia sunguh sempit..
iya?anak jurusan apah?? ur art thou..very inspiring..i love watercolour