Sunday, September 02, 2007

Swap Cards

Eugenia gina and I swap each other cards, inspired by other artists with their ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).

Below is what i got from her, with cute characters of Linny lizard and Cc the cat greeting each other. :)

and below is what i sent for her.

this is just as fun as the portrait exchange! :)


Mich said...

I lvoe both your cards, this is a neat idea too. Both of you are very talented. Do you send your artist buddy the original?

enigma said...

yes mich, we sent each other the original card. :)

filla said...

keren pisann... gambarnya..

Monica said...

Hi Enigma--

I'd love to trade ATC with you. I just did it with Mike R. Baker, my very first one and it was a great experience.

Let me know if you'd like to trade cards. You can find my email in the About me page of my website to let me know.

By the way, the card you got and the one you sent are both adorable! :-)

Arleen Amidjaja said...

What??? Two of my favorite ilustrators were trading cards and I didn't know anything about it?? hehe :) (emangnya aku bu lurah sampe mesti dikasih laporan? hehe :) ) I love both cards!!!

eugenia gina said...

hahaha...! bentar lagi kita tukeran poto yuk! :D

eh tukeran fotokopian buku ding...^_^