Tuesday, March 03, 2009



i'm not sure. is it a bird? is it a tree? you decide..


Eda said...

The first picture is so sweet! It makes me think about childhood

theartofpuro said...

Love this experiments,the first is so sweet,I'd like one of those,the last one for me is....a strange bird but with smething special

~Gina Cuff said...

It's a bird...:)

Coloribus said...

I like the first; the 2 apples. I like the light in the red

Michelle said...

The bird/tree is very cool. I love art like this that has two images in one.

All three are wonderful though. The apples are very rich in color. Your work is so beautiful.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, beautiful watercolors! I love them all. The colors are vibrant. And the bird/tree made me laugh. :D

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Oh, my heart goes with the second image. Such a cozy scene with the smoke billowing from the chimney and the red (chicken?) Sorry, I'm bad with my farm animals:)

And, that's a one winged tree bird:)

Francisco Martins said...

I LOVE the apples...the colors are so worm and vibrant...makes me think of fire. Evokes a cold winter by the fire, inside that cozy mountain house in the second picture.
Great post Ella!

Francisco Martins