Thursday, May 17, 2007


i've been tagged by alina chau to list 7 things....(random things, right?). ok, here goes.
1. so last Sunday was my birthday...but instead of being happy, i was feeling a bit agitated. i hate getting old. Age, o, age. I wish time stands still when i was 20! (without the necessity of being stuck in my sophomore year of college.)
2. one stupid ironic thing: i love the beatles but i don’t have any of their records/albums....very embarrassing as a fan. Instead i have quite a bunch of unimportant records such as michael learns to rock’s. (my apologize to those who loves them..)
one of my dreams from long ago---is to work in the stationery industry as the designer of stationery goods (i still do)! Don’t ask me why...
4. i love old french comics...! To name a few: asterix (okay, this is evergreen), barbarossa, chevalier ardent, tanguy & laverdure, etc. Everything about them is great, the storytelling, the moral, and the art is exquisite as well. Too bad i can’t find them anymore in bookstores.

5. sometimes i like to surprise strangers with my drawings. When i went blogwalking and found any interesting images, i impulsively draw out of them, and surprise the blog owner with it...heheh.
6. when i found any amorphous forms in nature (such as stain on walls, rock cuts, shadows, clouds), i often instantly associate it with human face or figure...never know why.
if i like certain movies/songs, i can watch/listen them over and over again till i bored... let’s say, bridget jones’ diary, i have watched it like 20 times or so...maybe more. don't even ask about Friends...heheh.

i'm supposed to tag 7 others, tag or not to tag....we'll see.... :-D


mike r baker said...

Nice list! I got tagged by Alina too and made my list. I wanted to tag you - guess I need to look for others. I wonder who started all this?

I like making love notes and little drawings and leaving them in the books I read to my daughter at bookstores. :)

Alina Chau said...

HE ! HE!! Love your list!! That illo of you reading the list is so charming!! Happy B-day!! May be a way to make getting older feel better, you become much wiser!! :) HE !HE!!

the enigma said...

hehe, thanks alina! but getting wiser..?? hmmmmmm.....*doubtful* :)

thanks mike, i like being tagged but i hate giving tag to others because i'm afraid they don't take it well. anyway, i like your little presents to your daughter, its so wonderful! ^_^

Lauren Kate said...

I was tagged too, but I'm not sure how it all works so I had to pass. Great list and illustration too!

eugenia gina said...

happy birthdaayy! rather late but I think it's still ok ya..? wish you all the luck and happiness! :D... mana kuenya mana kuenyaa ^_^

the enigma said...

thanks Gin :) mau kue? tuh ada...di toko.. ^_^

platitudinal said...

Happy Belated birthday! Don’t be wary of birthdays, we ladies get better as we “mature.”
Bridget Jones 20 times? LOL. Well, I shouldn’t be laughing, I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Pride & Prejudice :) The girl reading the list is so cute.

*I’m curious, have you painted any of the parables yet? I know, I know … mau tahu aja!

rhani said...

Happy belated birthday, Ell!! Wish u all the best!
Nice cutie illo..! Is that you? ;)
I dropped by about 2 or 3 weeks ago but couldn't leave a comment, I don't know why.. :(

Jean-Claude said...

Yes ,chevalier ardent is part of my life like children when I lived in France..